BITT is a husband and wife owned company (Eric and Taryn), based in SLC, UT. They both come from very creative professional backgrounds, and so grateful that they did. They truly love creating for people and love to know that the things they create, will last, will continue to converse with their clients for decades to come. Both have their individual talents, definitely. For Eric, he speaks "wood", his love for building furniture comes from learning about joinery and about the different wood species that exist. His career has allowed him the opportunity to build things that even astonish him; from museum exhibits, to some of the most memorable movie and television sets. His work can also be found in some of SLC's favorite local restaurants. For Taryn, it's about utilizing the many senses. Her true love is singing and performing, but really, she finds fulfillment in the creative process, within several mediums. 

So, BITT home Vs. BITT Boutique?

In BITT Home, its all about making the home comfortable, because home is everything for them. From the unique custom designed furniture and accessories, to beautiful antiques and era perfect vintage items, this shop is meant to provide you with a little old and a little new. Much like the idea behind Eric's furniture "I build things to last", he says. The idea carries through to the shop. Eric and Taryn strive to live in balance with mother, and in doing so, bring you products that you can feel good about purchasing, products that you can count on lasting you decades. Whether it's your custom BITT home item, an antique or a vintage item, the story is yours to tell. Taryn says "I like it best when it had a story before me. I like to imagine what it would say".  

In BITT Boutique, you will find a plethora of goodies, ranging from Taryn's custom clothing line, vintage treasures, new must-haves, jewelry and accessories,"like new" items,  AND some very, very special - hand selected health and beauty products. It may seem broad, but there's a purpose for each category. Much like Eric has come to respect wood, it's Taryn's desire to provide quality products that will respect your body and make you feel good, both inside and out. And it's not all about shopping, either! Taryn, coming from a humble single parent home, has always had the desire to someday provide other single parent families with opportunities that she knows they go without. It is her belief that through Desire, Community, Education, The Building of Confidence, and a solid support system.. Anything is possible - CHANGE is possible. So, not only will you find lots of goodies for yourself, but anytime you purchase a BITT Boutique - "like-new" item, one will be donated on your behalf, to a selected recipient. If you would like to learn more CLICK HERE.

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